Where can I learn ?

There's plenty of opportunity to discover and learn the tea ceremony in Belgium:
Several Urasenke tradition tea ceremony practitioners have obtained from Master Nojiri Michiko one of the certificates allowing to teach. Those actually teaching are listed below:

Province of Brabant Wallon
Province of Antwerp
Eindhoven (NL)
Paris (FR)


Chantal Verdoodt
Chamei (Tea name): Sōgyoku (宗玉)
Location: Schaerbeek
Av. des Jacinthes, 4. B-1030 Bruxelles
Times: Two Wednesdays per month from 12h30
Contact: Tel. 02 245 10 76
Thierry Geerinckx Rue Servais-Quinet - Chashitsu Bol de thé
Chamei (Tea name): Sōwa (宗輪)
Location: Woluwé St Lambert
Rue Servais-Kinet, 38. B-1200 Bruxelles
Times: Monday 10:00 - 13:00 h
Tuesday 18:00 - 20:30 h
- Advanced: Wednesday 18:00 - 20:30 h
Friday 18h00 - 20h30
Contact: Tel. 0497 535 380
Silvia Vainberg
Lieu: Bruxelles
Horaire: Sur rendez-vous (02/7429404). Back to top

Province of Brabant Wallon

Pierre-François de Béthune
Chamei (Tea name): Sōrei granted by Hōunsai Daisōshō, XVth Urasenke Grand Master
Location: Clerlande Monastery , Ottignies
Allée de Clerlande, 1. B-1340 Ottignies
Information: Pierre-François de Béthune is the author of "L'Hospitalité sacrée entre les religions"
Times: Days and times to be agreed upon
Contact: Tel. 010 42 18 33
Charles van Overstyns
Location: Genappe
Baty du Grand Bernard, 26. B-1470 Genappe
Information: Ch. van Overstyns' internet site
Times: 2nd and 4th Saturdays each month from 9h00 to 13h00
Contact: Tel. 0475 69 78 18 Back to top


Eric Franchimont
Chamei (Tea Name): Sōyū (宗勇)
Location: Liège
rue du bâneux, 61, B-4000 Liège
Times: Fridays from 9h30 to 13h00
Contact: Tel. 0478 33 88 89 Back to top

Province of Antwerp

Staf Daems UN SUI AN/雲水庵 UN SUI AN/雲水庵
Chamei (Tea Name): Sōhō (宗峰)
Location: Berlaar/Gestel (Near Lier)
Legrellestraat, 176. B-2590 Berlaar
Times: Mondays from 10h00 until 12h00
Fridays from 16h00
Contact: Tél. 03 482 14 40 Back to top

Eindhoven (NL)

Michel Decré Wa shin an garden/栔心庵 Wa shin an/栔心庵
Chamei (Tea name): Sōgi (宗義)
Location: Hoogstraat 343, NL-5654 NC Eindhoven
Times: Tuesdays, from 17h30 till 20h30
Sundays, from 10h30 till 13h30
Contact: Tél. (00 31) 040 252 07 78 Back to top

Paris (FR)

Takamatsu Akemi
Chamei (Tea name): Sōmi (宗美)
Location: Paris
Times: Friday 17h30 - 20h30
Sundays on request
Contact: Takamatsu Akemi Back to top

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